The Password Struggle

Today's digital world has accounts everywhere. That means logins and passwords.

But systems get hacked, hackers get our login info and our accounts get compromised. And now, we got a problem.


So some solutions then pop up.


Like Multi-Factor Authentication. So then, if someone gets a hold of your password, if you have this setup, you can stay safe. Er. Safe-er. If someone gets ahold of your "factor" (which is less likely), then you're in trouble again.

Or, the bajillion ways multiple websites require you to have various different letter, symbol, capitalized and lower-case letters to ensure a more secure password.

Or, the bajillion systems who require you to change your password every x days.

Or, the push for you to use different passwords for every single thing.

Which causes yet another issue because then, we have so many passwords, and we can't fit it all in our brain, so then we forget and we reset our passwords, and we have yet to remember another one. Which we will likely forget again anyway.

So now, we got the problem of too many passwords, so we get password management solutions to remember our passwords for us.


I mean, login with x platform makes things better and easier, but not all systems support it, and it usually also means my data is shared.

All of these solutions and problems seem to go back to one thing: passwords.


So. Is there any password-alternative out there to be able to have access to an account? There has to be some other thing? I tried a quick google and couldn't find anything.

Do you know of any alternative solutions? Please save us from this password struggle that has overrun our digital experience today! :sob:

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Cristina Ruth is a Software Engineering leader at CUNA Mutual Group in Madison, WI, where she manages 4 scrum teams to deliver software in the FinTech space. In her day-to-day leadership role, Cristina values culture, trust, team enablement, team empowerment and high-quality, operationally stable software delivery.

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